Date: 13 May 2015
Location: Google Hangouts (Join from a browser: // Join from a Chromebox for meetings device: enter the Hangouts video call name "648243")
Time: 16:00 East Africa Time (e.g. Nairobi)

Participants: Blane Harvey, Ewen Le Borgne, Liz Carlile, Pete Cranston (minutes), Carl Jackson,
Marissa van Epp, Wiebke Foerch

Apologies: Peter Ballantyne, Philip Thornton, Cecilia Schubert

  • Funding opportunities
  • Review action points (particularly ToC activity areas)
  • Preparations for the social learning part of the AgKnowledge Innovation Share Fair?
  • AOB

Please check next steps and the last meeting minutes.


  • ILRI work (Pete, Carl, Peter B, Ewen) has been effected by CCSL budget cut. Now it is $15K for sandbox facilitation and f2F events. Expect a slow down on activity. Also already spent some time already this year. There are some ongoing discussions on FP4 that we don’t have control over that may be able to cover part of the cut
  • IIED work on CCSL Evidence Gathering project also cut by $10k, but managing to keep the project going
  • Two avenues that were being explored now closed. GIZ small & large grants crossed off - anything related to ILRI internal work not happening. Transformational network: way too competitive so abandoned
  • One big opportunity just came up from the international climate initiative - we would be eligible to apply adaptation focus etc. It's very research-oriented, Deadline is 1 June. It's a multi-year and no budget limit
    • ACTION: Marissa Van Epp to look into this proposal option and others to feed in later
  • SIM through GIZ country offices
    • ACTION: Wiebke Foerch to explore strategic focus of these funds
  • Liz has been contacting DfID to continue the conversation on how to embed social learning aspects into projects. Talked to Marissa and Ben about getting more focus through developing evidence module. Some appetite for this learning concept - we just need to improve how to sell that
  • Global Resilience Partnership new funding pool will open on July 1 and applications will be open through July and 3 teams will get funding in September. Probably many applications but we should try. CCAFS is in on one of the GRP projects already. Need to check if this would rule out application to wild card pool
  • Future Earth has been featuring a series of calls on e.g. climate predictability etc. but they are rotating calls so we can monitor their news stream. No small budget (1-3 Mio EUR

  • Update on Paris event. We put fwd an abstract but its only for a 7 minute' intervention in the Paris intervention for a 90 minute combined session at an event that costs EUR 400 to participate. May not be worthwhile expense
    • ACTION: Wiebke Foerch to ask Cecilia to put the poster (developed by WF and TS) on the wiki
  • Carl and Pete going to interview Africa RISING scientists on iterative learning, policy influencing etc. using parts of the CCSL M&E framework to understand how Africa RISING could develop a more active / conscious social learning approach. Plan to ask is social learning is happening in the project? Are there tricks we can share with them to make them think about going a bit further in the transformation scale etc.
  • There will be opportunities to participate remotely in the Process Innovation Share Fair as well as the Social Learing session itself at the event
  • Event in Ottawa at IDRC, hosting for CCAFS (Vanessa) and new gender advisor. Blane will try to keep tabs on this in case the session can stil be run. Maybe influencing the Canadian government to support CCSL. We could input remotely
  • CCSL Catch up at the Process Innovation Share Fair on the Friday if time allows