Date: 10 February 2015
Location: Google Hangouts or Skype (to be decided)
Time: 16:00 East Africa Time (e.g. Nairobi)

Ben Garside, Blane Harvey, Ewen Le Borgne, Liz Carlile, Pete Cranston (minutes).
Apologies: Carl Jackson, Cecilia Schubert, Marissa van Epp, Peter Ballantyne, Philip Thornton, Wiebke Foerch.


  1. Report back on action points
  2. Funding opportunities and overview
    1. How to find other opportunities by planting social learning in ongoing projects?
  3. Networking event and share fair idea
    1. Updated Concept Note from Carl
  4. AOB

Discussion Notes

  1. See notes on Next Steps wiki
    • M&E framework: feedback from Ben on good visit to Brazil & Amazon, with recommendations for improving framework, and interest from lots of projects interested in operationalising the ideas within the framework, as much as the M&E process
      • Ben reported on conversation with James Butler on possible funding, and interested in direct peer-assist to his project
      • CARIAA will be working with a boiled down version, with a smaller set of indicators
  2. Yammer and future of Sandbox: survey released, only 9 responses: try one more email, with two weeks extension (PC)
  3. CCSL ToC: Marissa did a further iteration, had feedback, will produce new version, which will then be the current version. Review in 6 months
  4. Fundraising
    1. See fundraising page
    2. No immediate opportunities amongst those, and no other current ideas
  5. ToC areas, 1-4: Marissa is listed as working on a lot of these, and more support would be, er, useful. These areas are the central targets for fundraising, to get some dedicated time allocated to them. Note that elements of these will be addressed by events and workshops happening, eg CARIAA workshop in April (Liz will also be in NBO in April for Community Based Adaptation workshop No9)
    1. Gather evidence
      1. political economy point 6 will be addressed partially in stakeholder mapping (which has been held up due to work pressures, but will be developed soon)
      2. M&E work, peer assists, will address some of the issues
    2. ELB will think about engagement #3
      1. John Ensor is keen to join, maybe he can be invited to join a core team meeting that is content rather than process focused. Then we invite
  6. CCSL core group
  7. 'manifesto' - Blane & Wiebke preparing paper for Our common future under climate change (French Govt + CSIR) Paris meeting in July 10th, trying to get onto a panel, probably with Penny Urquart on a panel called 'transformative solutions'
      1. Marissa and Blane presenting at Stockholm conference in 27/28 May, 'Environmental Governance in an increasingly complex world" another opportunity to promote
  8. Outcome Stories & Impact Narratives: Liz, Phil, Marissa and Wiebke have drafted one (having chosen some topics) Liz to follow up
  9. CCSL networking event
    1. Carl has circulated a second version of the concept note
    2. Meanwhile, an opportunity has come up for a 'Networking event and share fair' idea in Addis, in which CCSL will be represented by PB, ELB, CJ & PC: It will be on May 24/25, between 'eLearning Africa' and a CG 'Comms and KM' event. It will be a great opportunity for people who work on participatory approaches like Farm Africa, and others located in and around Addis. Concept being completed within a week, and will be circulated, for invitation to all of this group (Blane will be passing through, possibly; Ben and Marissa are in Stockholm)
  10. CCSL Project profiles
    1. Happy Families brief published: will be second, more 'scientific' iteration - ELB, WF following up
  11. Note: ELB will follow up rest of items in Next Steps with Cecilia and Marissa and feed back progress
  12. NEXT MEETING: 6th May, 1300 GMT

Notes Marissa prior to meeting:
  • Process guide to accompany M&E framework waiting on some materials from James Butler CSIRO; discussing additional examples with Ben - materials received from James Butler; materials just received from Blane, aiming to complete a draft by end of this week
  • Email to June workshop participants on next steps/plan for this year to solicit participation - this was sent out, one project has expressed interest so far! looking for 2 more
  • Conversation with James Butler on next steps/plan for this year initiated - Ben had a call with James to update him. I need to follow up on this
  • Scheduling conversations with James Butler and Blane on Transformations call - we are probably not going for this? we had trouble finding a coordinator who met the low-to-middle income country requirement, also seems like the odds are not good given 30 seed grants already given and only 3 new grants available; Wiebke and Ben to update further
  • Discussion with Carl on how to use the Yammer/other social network to provide peer assist functions initiated - figuring out how the peer assist will work is still part of next steps, along with building a strategy and tools for data collection
  • Theory of change write up and diagram in progress - first draft completed and feedback received from a few of you - thank you. working on second draft.
  • Stakeholder mapping with Liz in progress - still in progress