CC Social Learning Projects

What projects have been, are, will be sandboxed?

Find below an overview of all projects that have been discussed in the sandbox, funded through the sandbox or pending on sandbox assessment panel decisions for funding.

What is the project about

Who leads it

When would it take place

Status of the project

Additional notes

CCSL Sandbox
Ewen Le Borgne, Peter Ballantyne, Carl Jackson, Pete Cranston
September 2012 - until further notice
This was interrupted due to lack of funding. See Sandbox Yammer
CCSL Evidence Gathering
Ben Garside (IIED)
April 2014 - until further notice

Integrated Watershed Assessment: A social learning perspective for CC adaptation in local communities of Hoima
Gerd Foerch
Jan.-Apr. 2014

Prolinnova partnership work
Ann Waters-Bayer
May 2013

Shamba shape-up partnership
Patti Kristjanson (ICRAF), Christine Jost (ICRAF)
January-July 2013
Farming Matters social learning experiences
Jorge Chavez-Tafur (ILEIA) and Farming Matters' readers
December 2012-September 2013
See two inserts from this work on: CCSL resources
Social differentiation in climate change
Allison Shaw
July 2012 - April 2013
See CCSL resources
Social learning impact study
Blane Harvey (IDS), Liz Carlile (IIED)
October-November 2012
See CCSL resources
CCSL booklet
IIED (Liz Carlile, Marissa van Epp)
January-March 2013
See CCSL resources
CGIAR social learning stock-taking exercise
Julian Gonsalves
September 2012 - March 2013
See CCSL resources
CCSL working paper 22
Liz Carlile and Blane Harvey
January - October 2012
See CCSL resources
Developing approaches to support smallholder decision making and planning through the use of climate and weather information
Peter Dorward
October 2012-December 2014